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Many Reviews Online- Tips To Spot The Fake Ones

Looking up a product online? Or planning a dinner out or even if you are looking at a prospective holiday home. Don’t we all experience that everything appears appealing and honey dipped especially on their website? Take a look at this Logitech G502 review – is it real or fake?

Sometimes, products delivered are not as good looking, food at a hotel isn’t always that great and holiday homes often looked better on screen! To avoid disappointments like these, the review section comes to rescue. Because if there is anything wrong, surely people will write about this!

Sadly, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes, Advertising and PR relations agencies pose as happy customers to improve the review ratings of products, hotels or places. So how do you tell a genuine review from a fake one?

Here are some tips that help you differentiate.

Check the reviewer’s language.

If someone is raving about a product giving its specific details, model numbers or taking full names of places. There is a good chance this fake reviewer is trying to get their SEO points up. A normal user hardly remembers exact model numbers or uses full names.

Also, often a fake reviewer isn’t even a native of the country. So if you read a review that says, 100USD you can be sure its fake, honestly, which local actually writes ‘USD’?

Also if a particular review uses way too many adjectives to appreciate the product, who can’t praise the product enough. You probably may be reading a fake review.

Watch out for the Dates and timing of reviews.

If you find one too many good reviews on a particular product or place perhaps on one single day or within a short span of time. Chances are that these reviews are made in bulk by some advertising agency.

Look out for the reviewer’s history.

If someone has never reviewed anything else. But is piling appreciation on some particular thing, you can safely red flag this one. Simply click on the user’s name and check their history. You can also see their social media tags, which may help you figure out if this person is real or not.

Verified reviewers are your safest bet!

Shopping websites, often match a purchaser’s data base with the reviewer’s and tag them as ‘Verified Reviewer’. These reviews are safest, as they come from customers who have actually bought a product and reviewed it.

A fake hotel review is always about the ‘activities’!

Obviously, for someone who hasn’t stepped into the hotel to write about it will only talk about the activities and services the hotel provides. A real review will often include majority details about the hotel itself rather than what they did with their families.

Scan these review links and filter the fake ones automatically.

If you are browsing through some reviews which you feel are not true. You can now simply scan these links of many websites that check if the review is genuine or not and help you eliminate the fake ones.

Of course, there is no sure shot way of telling a genuine reviewer from a fake one. And with time, the fake reviewers will also work upon their flaws and get sophisticated!

So while looking up for anything online, do keep your sceptical specs on. Not always are reviews written by honest people giving their true opinion.