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Steven Arnold

How different is Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

We have come across scientists in different fields of education, research, including aerodynamics; well there are data scientists who have exclusively dedicated their highly intellectual minds to perform deep analysis in the virtual data lakes that is like a talent pool of information that is both structured and unstructured largely. If we have the famous search engine to throw up any result we are looking  for, so are the data scientist who can get the research and analysis done and bring forth a result or solution/ sample/ data from the wide pool of information source that is broadly stored in the virtual cloud space.

Big data is most searched topic in the search engines and has gained momentum recently as we delve topic, the term is loosely used and understood as data warehouse. The difference in the way the data is store, the content and intent between the two source of information and database is different.

  • the structured model of information  in the data warehouse is organized, filtered and structured, that is basically organizations keep it within their Information Technology departments, to safeguard the high content of information that can be used for other analysis
  • a high amount of data is filtered and only what is required and what is not is clearly
  • separated and classified according to the organizational needs, keeping huge pile of data junk is the next worry for the globe, as anything we type electronically is stored temporarily in the network and permanently in the disk storage, the cloud space has unlimited space to store all the data required, and the huge pool of information source is the data lake
  • data is extracted, sorted , formatted and complied to suit individual requirement, in a data warehouse, the unstructured source of information that the data scientist eye on for their research is where the data lakes come handy, data lakes have all data types, to suit the requirements of any database, program
  • The hub of huge information supports all types of users, there is no specific type of program or user specific information required to access and use the sample data , data warehouses have predefined data that is applicable to user specific needs. The trading platform Bitcoin Trader has the best payout ratio that is promised by all the trading platforms, while this particular software is used to pick a trade and execute only after initial registration process.

What’s About Financial Independence

Be it countries or people, achieving and maintaining independence has always been important.To be able to choose and do the things that you want is a great feeling. Circumstances are not always perfect and there is usually a price that one has to pay for this independence or freedom. Financial independence is perhaps the most important of all the independence we may want or desire. If a person is financially independent then he, or she, finds that life gives many more choices. It does not mean that everything is easier and there are no hurdles, financial independence allows him to take a risk and try out different things and most importantly it gives him confidence.

Financial independence means that you have enough wealth to live on even if you were not working. Suppose a person earns 100 dollars and his expenses are 90 dollars, then it does not mean he is financially independent. Yes, he is managing his living and other expenses, but if he stops working, this independence is gone. When we talk about financial independence, what we mean is that a person, even if he is not working does not have to worry about his finances. Suppose a person has invested in stocks and has bank FDs and gets a regular return from these to cover his expenses, then that person can be called financially independent. It is a subjective thing and someone earning a million dollar may not be financially independent, while someone earning much less can be financially independent.

To become financially independent one should take a look at the two things which are most important. Assets and expenses. We should try to accumulate as many revenue-generating assets as possible so that they generate more wealth for us than our expenses. Buying things like cars, houses, real estate can only be called assets when they generate wealth for us.

On the other hand, we should constantly try to keep our expenses down. Try to follow a simple lifestyle, which will help you in reducing the number of assets required to keep you financially independent. Keep these following points in mind to help you achieve financial independence :

Don’t treat your income as your wealth. Think long term, with inflation eating into our savings, you have to constantly be aware of your long term needs. Always keep an eye on your balance sheet. Profit and loss, assets and liabilities, to get a clearer picture. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities. People who win are mostly people who take risks. Learn more here. Try online trading with automated software like Bitcoin Trader, which has already made huge amounts of money for a lot of people.

Online Brokers – Services and Fees


Every service we avail has a cost attached to it; the verbatim may differ, as some refer as commission, fees, consultation or other forms, while the service is for giving their expert opinion, in the financial sector. Brokers come under the wide network of highly data oriented facts that rule the trading fraternity. Every online broker has a unique way to strategize trades that will help the traders to place trades and make high profits, and give a small percentage of the profit to the broker as a fees or commission from the winning trades.

The fees charged is different between different trading platform, the nature of trading and the profit earned from the investment, it all depends upon how many times you have the winning trade in an average day trading day.

Types of Fees Charged

  • A per share trade fees is charged depending upon the number of times the trading is executed, this becomes a cost laden trade for a new trader who is looking to make quick money, without shelling out a major part of the profit in as fees
  • a flat fees is charged for a particular number of trades that has been executed from the tool, every click,no matter how many trades take place, this fees is generally charged on a flat basis, that most of the brokers use
  • broker assisted fees is changed when the trader is not having internet or live access to the trades, over the phone the brokers give all the inputs, suggestions about how to go about a particular stock buy or sell, and also the interactive voice system helps the trader to finalize  and execute a trade, without any human intervention form a small percentage as fees
  • while trading on stocks and other instruments are on a daily basis, the mutual fund markets are for a longer period that go with the commission payable to the broker, the shorter time period, like less than 90 days funds invested have a no commission trade that is both effective and simple
  • option trading fees is the normal trade fees per trade including the contract fees that exclusively engages the broker to list along with a particular client for a set number of trades or a time period, usually the base rate of the broker fees is finalized and is a common charge all along by different brokers

As the brokers work independently handling different clients as they registered online, the number of clients they service is wide, and keeping differential fees structure could pull a client away.

Survival of the Best Online Brokers


The world of brokers are highly livid and depend upon how many happy customers they have who are paying for the services and trades, without a single free trader service. The services expected out of brokers is becoming highly competitive in nature , as every suggestion of stock signal is worth the money invested, an incorrect suggestion may ruin the trade, and wipe of the hard earned money of the trader/ investor. Hence, the process of choosing a broker online is a difficult task, as the service and speed matters a lot in this form of investing in volatile markets every single day and makes a required amount of profit.

Electronic trading has increases the number of traders as well as the volume of trading immensely over a decade, the online trading has virtually been experimented by all of us at least once by every trade rot try their luck in making easy, quick cash to meet their own financial requirements. Liquidity is another important factor while trading in some market sensitive trades like crypto currency that can change every second in global exchanges. Imagine how stressed the brokers are, when their neck is almost in the noose, there are too many things expected out of the brokers, traditional and online.

 They are expected to pick the best stocks for the trader to execute and make a good consistent profit, either in day trading or in futures that will affect their brokerage and the payouts for the trader. The liquidity factor is becoming very wide, and fragmented due to number of exchanges that are a clickaway, the fees the broker has to himself bear to register with the trading platforms, the customer feedback, his career charts about how effective the trades executed form his trade picks are always expected from the higher end. The advent of direct market access is becoming reality and hence the services of the brokers are often at jeopardy.

The competition is tough; there is a lot of internalization of trades by different brokers who are competing with a global talent pool of traders who are both technically sound and have a high net worth of client who reap them good amount of brokerage from single trades. Volatile markets, lot of negative trade influences the traders to look for other brokers who charge less and give good service. The market is decentralized and there is no strict norm for the online brokers to charge a specific percentage or amount on per trade basis , making it a tight rope walk.

Financial Sector and its Benefits from online Brokers


Trading online is become a routine work for those who are interested in gaining knowledge from the different types of trading globally experimenting various levels of sticks that are virtual and do not have an underlying assets. E- Trading is far and widely popular way of picking up the crypto currency signals and expediting trades that are recommended by the online brokers who have vast knowledge in this area. Trading with the help of the advice and the stock picks by the broker give and edge over the other trading signals, and gives the winning trade and good payouts. Choosing the online broker is a task, as there are many brokers who are aligned to different trading platforms.

Advantages of having an online broker while e- trading

  • The navigation friendly websites and the choice of the best broker online has been instrumental for beginners to foray in to online trading in a host of different stocks, commodities, futures and crypto currency
  • the range of services offered by the online trading tools depend upon the kind of trading you choose to while going through the registration process, if you have a limited capital in mind, there are options to choose the capital to be fixed and even limit the risk to a specific percentage or amount
  • the different tools inbuilt in the software , helps the traders to get real time live quotes, charts that are interactive, based upon the amount you want to invest in those stocks or currency
  • Choosing the right online broker is important for trading online through the various software platforms, the list of brokers who are aligned to the particular software are just a clickaway and is simple to navigate and read through the details about the broker
  • opening a long term , stable online trading accounts needs a lot of think through as the consistency in giving the good payouts may change according to the broker signals, either for a couple of trades , or for long term investment purposes
  • the do it yourself concept has increased the wide scope of choosing the trading platform, choosing the online broker of your choice , according to the appropriate registered and licensed broker, who will not be biased in giving their opinion

The number of brokers who work with trading platforms keep changing, according to your risk exposure and capital outlay, the best way to take the opinion of the online broker and then executing trades after due consideration will be beneficial if you have a sound knowledge in online trading.

How To Achieve Customer Loyalty In A Business?

Incrementing solid associations with our clients urge them to return to us. From a money-related point of view, we realize that maintaining clients is far more affordable than gaining fresh ones, a way that needs showcasing, deals and increased expenses. Additionally, we realize that fulfilled clients enable us to draw in new clients.

What individual’s state about your organization on the web these days are practically more essential than what you state in your showcasing document? Hence it pays to have a devoted base of clients evangelizing and pushing for your venture. In light of this, see it here to find a few basic insider facts that can be utilized to construct more grounded associations with your clients and increment their dedication.

Find what’s vital to your clients:

Figure out what your clients esteem mainly and place your focus there. In case your item or administration is frequently given as a blessing, provide cards or gift wrappers wrapping or cards as a complimentary administration. Redo and customize to make contributions that fulfill the one of a kind requirement of every client.

Procure and maintain their confidence:

Trust is the base for all associations. The least demanding approach to construct trust with the clients is by staying faithful to your commitments and making aspects comprehensible. Be specific and brief in your correspondences; it will assist in overseeing desires. Maintain an itemized outline of all client correspondence, hence your discussions advance to end up as customized and precise as could be allowed. Place resources into client overview apparatuses so your organization can create upgrades. By making an important move on the comments, you demonstrate to your clients that they are comprehended and heard.

Be confident in your work:

Carry out your responsibility and do it effectively. Surpass desires at whatever point conceivable. In case a word isn’t maintained to recognize the mix-up, make apologies and extend a genuine arrangement. Be it a rebate on the following buy or an exchanging the actual transaction, it’s basic to demonstrate to your clients on how you esteem them.

Extend motivations:

Discount for frequent customers, unique deals and complimentary endowments are the best options. Be innovative with your contributions to shape a noteworthy association. Anything that makes a special ordeal or cultivates a feeling of the network will enable you to extend associations with the clients.

Making solid, individual connections is the way to client reliability. This begins by deciphering the client’s requirements, giving significant correspondence and looking after trust. Any chance to tell your clients the best way to get more benefits from you is beneficial, as upbeat clients return and they carry fresh clients along.

Explaining the working principle behind the Ethereum Code

Ethereum code is exceptionally important to people making money nowadays with a lot of them trying to make money one way or the other especially from the market and trading industry and especially because it is an easy process. The process is extremely simple that anyone with a vague knowledge, any kind of even the smallest of the interest in markets and even making money are given means to ensure that there is a way they can earn profits every single day. This actually deals with a method where there is an exceedingly high chance of profit every single time as much as possible.

The software is so easy to maintain and use, there is no special allowance needed like downloading it into the computer or there is any need to make it into the computer. All the operations can easily be done on the computer online itself. This is the basic necessity of the person to make sure that the money is all they need to worry about and just have an internet connection to the best possible way. Since the solution is automatic there is no need to keep track of each step but instead, each step works out on its own.

Once the user registers into the system all they have to do is to make an account and put in all the money they would like to invest. Any such investment will then be made into the account directly without anyone else making a point of it and then ensuring that the preferences of the allocations are provided. Once preferences are provided the software checks for the proper way the algorithm can make a change to the given system of ideas and then make investments accordingly. The software produces results as and when they are created and makes an investment itself appropriately as it feels and the result is given to the user at the end of the day.

Another way the software is supporting the users is the constant customer support and forever providing money every single day. Any queries regarding the investment or even the registration process or any suggestions from the brokers can all be termed under the tag of helping hand under the customer services which is exceptional in providing round the clock care to the users. Ethereum code is an excellent and user-friendly software for Ethereutrading around the world.

Different Sources Of Financing For Your Startup

Different Sources Of Financing For Your Startup

The entrepreneurs who are planning to source funds for their new business startup will be in a dilemma as to which would be the ideal source of funding. It would be quite an overwhelming process to choose the best source of financing.  You need to weigh the benefits and the disadvantages of each source, so that it will help you to pick the one that matches with your requirement. Till you finalize the source of financing you can fund the business to meet the daily expenses by raising money in the cryptocurrency market.  Go through the site to learn more about how the cryptocurrency market will help in raising the fund.  Below mentioned are few of the funding sources available for raising the fund.

Personal savings- The most appealing means of financing is using your personal savings as you are making use of your own funds to begin the business process and you don’t owe anyone any money.

Pros :

  • Mental satisfaction that you are making use of your own fund
  • Total control of the business as you have the full authority to do whatever you wish with the money


  • If a business does not do well, the hard work you put in will go for total waste and lose all the money
  • You will miss out the valuable mentorship and guidance from the venture capitalists and investors

Venture capital- They are investors who put in money in your business for the exchange of equity. They invest in businesses that had got the good potential of offering good returns for their investment.


  • They offer expert advice and offer mentorship which helps in developing the business
  • It gives immediate creditability to your business and opens doors to a huge network of individuals like partners and future investors


As they offer a huge amount of funds, you will be forced to forego the large part of business control

Bank loans- They are a great source of financing.  You need to be well-educated with the different options available before you apply for a loan and also should know about the rate of interest that is associated with each loan.


  • There are various financing options available and you choose the one that suits your needs
  • A process of funding is quick
  • You will have the full control of your business


  • Lots of documentation is required
  • Time-consuming
  • Money has to be returned in full with interest even if the business fails








HBSwiss Review

HBSwiss Review

As soon as HBSwiss was introduced in the market by its owner Hans Berger it immediately gained a lot of attention from brokers and investors. The creator of the system wanted a way to optimize so, he got an idea to create the system like HBSwiss with the help of his partner who had a lot of experience in computing and technology. They both came out with this miracle and made a one-click profit machine.

It is a legit robot- After getting the full review of the system we have come to know that this system is based on strict rules. Clients have to undergo identity verification procedure. The collaboration of the brokers provides the guarantee of the safety of the process. This robot can achieve what it claims. It is totally legit and unique.

How much profit one can get- After the hard investigation the fact which we have come around is the user can generate $5,000 per trading day. Even if we start with the minimum required deposit then also we can attain good profit.

Operating process of the system- The system is the outcome of the hard work of the professionals and their experienced team. The system has a unique feature of high-speed calculations and trade execution. This high speed is possible due to the implementation of quantum computing models. The best part of the system is it utilizes Grover and Shor’s algorithms and the Balck-Scholes-Merton equators for its functions. These algorithms are being applied in the investment market for years now. It has achieved a significant accuracy rate.

Steps to join- The system provides free copies to the customers to join in the system but there is a limit for that. Only 10 people will be accepted per day. It provides free license due to these reasons:

1The creator wants the system to be taken to the Kickstarter.

2 The system is planning to introduce IPO which will give the proof of the profitability to the customers.

Following is the system to sign-up:

  • First, the user has to submit the details to get the seat reserved for him.
  • It is done by filling the online form.
  • Then the customer has to deposit $250 as the initial amount to be given to the system.
  • The system provides the facility for risk control settings.

The system is optimized to enhance profitability. Once the user presses the assisted trade button he can get started with the system. The system is available for everyone and it is easy to use.


Why Do People Prefer Bitcoin Trader?

Why Do People Prefer Bitcoin Trader?

Crypto robots have been the new wave that has swept the world of marketing, business and bitcoin trading. This is in the requirement that both new and old investors should be able to go forward with it without any other issue. These crypto robots have been working based on a complex algorithm that has helped with making correct selection of products and an efficient way of predicting the rates at which the sales need to be done. Some trained brokers are able to generate such extensive results that the level of profits is also sometimes accurate.

There is a customer center 24×7 that has been actively helping the users in their investments and profits. There has been a huge surge of calls from the customers expressing their satisfaction with the Bitcoin Trader software. The positive feedback has inspired the makers to make changes in the software that will develop the software’s capability further.

Starting up with Bitcoin Trader.

There are three major steps in the process of trading.

  • The first step is going through with the registration process that will help the website to know the user better. The user should install the process in a better fashion and hence an account separately for all users is created that will help with the validity of the software and validate the user. The registration process comprises of filling out the details of the user in the website and creating an account. Preferences about what is needed and what kind of investment is preferable are asked to the user.
  • Once the basic details are filled out then an activation fee for the account is given. Until the account is activated with the fee then there is no way the user can start tradi Once the trading is started, then the user has exclusive access to the account.
  • The registration process is completed and the work commences when the users have to go through the investment process where the money for the trading process is given by the user and the robot after working out the complex algorithms, produce accurate results.

There are a fixed number of people who can use the Bitcoin Trader services in a day. If the slots are filled on a particular day then we can say that the person will have an opportunity to trade the next day itself without lag.