There are very few automated trading robots that actually stand true to the claims and promises made by them. This is because when you look up the internet for online investment options, you will find loads of sites, most of who are scams and frauds. These sites almost never deliver all the big promises and claims they make. They also pose a threat to your privacy.  

There are very few names like CarbonFX that actually stand the test of a strict review and come out a winner. This name has become quite popular in the trading scene dealing with stocks, commodities as well as foreign exchange.  

The detailed research concluded that CarbonFX is safe. It a completely legitimate platform, and a safe place to invest your money. You can be sure that this platform functions efficiently and will never give you a chance to complain. The best feature is its high success rate which makes an excellent source of additional income.  

This platform becomes an ideal platform for all those who have an existing job but may not be very happy in it. Or they are looking at a source to augment their income from. The CarbonFX functions perfectly as it has two modes of usage.  

The first is manual mode, this is fine for those who are well versed and know the tricks of the trade. The second is the auto-pilot method. This method is perfect for new-comers who do not understand the graphs and charts of trades.  

How does CarbonFX help make profits? 

The CarbonFX site has been developed using complicated codes, algorithms and sophisticated methods of functioning. The software has undergone tremendous changes and taken up a lot of hard work on the part of the developers.  

Though creating the software was complicated, using the same is anything but touch. Efforts have been taken by the developers to make the interface such that it is very easy to use. Even beginners and experts can all use it easily.  

The payout of this website is extremely high. It ensures you an income of thousands on Euros on a daily basis when the site is used correctly. Of course this also depends upon the amount of money you have invested.  

Creating an account.  

The process is simple and fairly straight forward. The complete website is browser based, and so you can access it from anywhere where you have a computer and internet supply. There is no downloading required whatsoever.  

The next step is to create an account with them. This process takes hardly anytime and you also get an email confirmation of the same. You are then redirected to the brokers who carry out the trades for you.  

Should you require any assistance they also have a team of customer support staff who are ready to help you.