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Why are there no women on the trading floor?

Why are there no women on the trading floor?

It took all of 226 years since the inception of the New York Stock Exchange for a woman to come to the forefront and lead it. Stacey Cunningham has finally pierced through the stronghold of men at the helm of affairs and has become the President of the NYSE. Muriel Siebert was the first woman to be on the board of the NYSE; at her time there were 1365 men and just one woman. Even today there are only a handful of women in this field; the ratio between men and women is extremely uneven.

Can you stop the bro talk, please

It is a common belief, but a fallacy mind you, that women are not cut out for the aggressive nature of trading and most of them are unwilling to take the risks involved. The likes of Siebert and Cunningham have proven that wrong though.

As someone mentioned before, the trading floor is where a lot of bro talk happens and often men tend to ignore the factor give enough respect to the women by their side and indulge in a talk which is inappropriate for women. Those ladies who survive do it through sheer grit and growing a skin so thick that nothing affects them anymore( at least they wish).  Sadly, the resultant environment does take its toll and hold back women from moving ahead.

Another hard to accept the fact is that the inane and often sexually laced conversation that the men on the floor have is overlooked even by the top bosses and hence the women who have to face it are left high and dry; a good enough reason to not enter the field where they are not respected. It has been reported by umpteen women who work on the floor how they feel they never belong there and often the male banter left them feeling small and immensely embarrassed.

Those women who try to fit in come back feel disgusted with themselves for having tried. They are often overlooked even for promotions and it is demoralizing. It is a murky world out there and it needs a decent contingent of women to make the workplace more comfortable and welcoming.

I want to trade but…

In the meanwhile, if you wish to trade but don’t think you can ever find yourself facing up to the bro attitude of the trading floor, you can turn to automated trading systems like the bitcoin loophole and trade from home. You can continue reading about it to gain more information and take the first step towards trading.


Trading Digital Money Made Easy

We all wants to have a better lifestyle that we already have. We do work hard and yet most of us, barring some rich people, have to go through many struggles throughout our lives. Some people are not happy or comfortable even after retirement as the expenses keep increasing and their retirement fund keeps shrinking. The problems are never-ending unless you make up your mind and change your investment habits.

Cryptocurrency Trading

This is the era of different types of currencies and online trading. Once you are ready to accept that change is inevitable and one needs to keep up with the times, then no investment goal is difficult. Now the need of the hour is to invest in cryptocurrencies. Some online robots have been introduced in the trading market and people are looking for the right recommendations. The Bitcoin Code is endorsed by experts and experienced traders alike. The complexity of CFD trading and Forex keep even the seasoned traders away from the categories. This program is a boon for all those people who have stayed away from trading due to such comprehensions.

The easy method that anyone can use

Robotic trading and algorithms for online trading have been around for some time. It a special system specially created for cryptocurrencies. This one is receiving a lot of appreciation as the developer has managed to bring together many amazing features in one place. Due to data analytical tools, the robot is able to detect the changes in the prices of currencies faster than other robots and human brokers can. This gives a great advantage to investors. They can rely on the algorithm to provide an efficient solution; from detecting the changes to executing the trade, the robot can complete the transaction in a matter of seconds.

You control your money all the time

This should not make you feel that the money could be misused. You are always in control of the way your money is used for buying or selling the cryptocurrency. You alone are responsible for setting the parameters that decide the quantum of purchases, sales, and investment or stop loss. The website mentioned here, is the source, of a well-balanced review that can guide you to make the right choice when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

Our view is that you must tread cautiously as it is still a new area and some aspects are more difficult to comprehend. So you start slowly, set the parameters carefully and then start your voyage into a secure monetary future.

  Invest and Benefit with QProfit System


Earning a good reputation and meeting investor needs is a prime focus for online trading portals which are ruling the day now, creating a revolutionary software platform for investors to make quick money has flooded the internet and there is a herculean task for traders and investors to figure out the genuine from the fly by night operating platforms. The incredible amount of research and trial and error was done by creators to match something which is only possible by human minds is a challenge in self and trying to create a parallel market beyond the conventional stock trading in the financial trading space has its own share of bricks and bouquets.

In-depth analysis, complete know-how of the way the trading markets work in an oceanic path, with rough tides like market highs and lows, requires experienced traders to understand and mark a trend analysis and predict the current and future movement of a particular stock or currency across different stock exchanges, with the advent of online stock and currency trading there seems to be a lot of new players trying to make the most of the situation, learn, and get the benefit without a great deal of  physical presence.

The algorithm based complex calculation make the automated trading sitting in the comfort of home and let the trade be executed by setting customized parameters, full review of the great forex trading robot platform which is created by an experienced trader, takes the investors money and give a high winning ratio for every trade executed and the trades are mostly positive. The opportunity to trade by everyone and gain the most, with automated trading at a very high speed negating all the human errors possible while trying to execute trades during a volatile market is highly beneficial as the time taken to place the trade and execute could change the market positions drastically.

Forex trading robots like QProfit system are the most recent software platform which deal in paired or solo currencies between different exchanges within a short span of time, giving the most positive trade signals picked with the permutations of currency movements and execute the favorable trades with a high winning ratio of around 95 % on an average, keeping the traders happy and bringing a smile on the investors face every time the trades are placed . The brokers who are aligned with the software platform are listed, for the traders to choose and select the top brokers to give winning trades in exchange for a small amount of commission.

The Business of Testing of Trading Providers

With more and more investors investing their time, money, and efforts on trading, several new and enhanced trading platforms have emerged lately. However, it is essential that these trading sites conduct trading activities in the most easily yet secured manner.

The ease at which a trading platform functions will depend upon:

  1. The ability to allow users to quickly access the different trading options available such as the opening, managing, and closing of market positions
  2. The usability to allow multiple users to access different products available on the site, thereby generating a good amount of traffic to the trading site

However, today’s trading platforms are more advanced to suit traders’ preferences for newer and challenging trade strategies. These preferences are managed by trading portals with the help of round the clock automated trading and complex trading rules that have been created to make purchase and sale of trades all the tougher. In addition, trading sites have also increased their capability to handle high site traffic through low latent throughputs.

All these user requirements and site transformations have led to the need for a thorough testing of the trading platforms. Here is a full review as to why trading platforms need to be tested.

  1. To maintain data accuracy
  2. To avoid loss of data during the process of data processing
  3. To keep the trading process completely flawless
  4. To make the trading process more efficient
  5. To aid in the efficient functioning of the trading functionalities
  6. To restore the faith of traders every time they carry out trades

However, the testing process is not an easy task. There are a few challenges that are faced during the testing process of a trading system. These include:

  1. Creation of real-time trade scenarios that is extremely daunting
  2. Solving for technical difficulties that occur at the interface gateways
  3. Difficulty in identifying and solving the problems that arise while allowing multiple traders to use multiple interfaces, systems, and gateways
  4. Management of multiple APIs that is quite tedious
  5. Planning for performance issues that are related to the trading network and site latency, which is time-consuming
  6. Accommodating for third-party compliance and application issues in order to create a smooth trading experience

Several testing practices are available while testing trading portals including testing user interface, site performance, functionalities, and others. However, while testing an extensive creation of a number of possible used case scenarios must be created to ensure success, which serves as the key to any testing process.


The Must-Know 3 Bitcoin Experts

Today we are coolly investing in the Bitcoins by using uncomplicated means like the Bitcoin Trader, the powerful automated cryptocurrency trading robot but, if not for the Bitcoin-aficionados aka the Bitcoin experts, who believed in the power of the Bitcoins and supported it, is this even possible? Not at all and therefore, let us pay our tribute by understanding the abilities and the contributions of if not all, at least, the top 3 Bitcoin experts of the world!

  • Hal Finney

One of the initial contributors of the Bitcoins, whose association starts very well from the first transaction of the Bitcoins. Yes, the anonymous Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto utilized the help of Finney to test the success of the Bitcoin Code, in where he transferred Bitcoins to Finney to mark the success of the first-ever Bitcoin transaction in the history. This remarkable Bitcoin milestone happened in the year 2009 but, even before that Finney was a strong cryptocurrency activist, whose association with the ‘cypherpunk’ movement is highly commendable.

If you are eager to know more about him and his contribution to the field of cryptocurrency and Bitcoins then you could certainly visit the blog run by his wife Fran!


  • Andreas Antonopoulos

He is popularly known as the author of the first book on Bitcoin, who is also one of the world’s most revered and admired speakers on the Blockchain technology and Bitcoins. His belief in the ability of the cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoins encouraged him to be an active participant of various Bitcoin-related initiatives and institutions like Bitcoin Foundation and! He has always believed in the power of the Bitcoin as an open architecture, and, as well, strongly advocates his belief.

If you are eager to follow or learn about his ideas related to the Bitcoins, you can easily follow the ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’ podcast, as he is still one of the regular hosts there!


  • Nick Szabo

This founder of ‘Bit Gold’, the decentralized digital currency is a hard-core cryptographer, known for his research and contributions in the field of digital currency and smart contracts! Indeed, the term ‘smart contracts’ was coined only by him! His in-depth knowledge regarding the Bitcoins has urged many to consider him the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto! But, Szabo has denied this speculation by playfully stating that he is very much used to it!

Even now he is an active participant, whose public appearance at Devcon 1, discussing the Bitcoin’s future and the Ethereum’s abilities is highly noteworthy!

 Are You Fit And Fine Trade?

Does this not sound like a question asked by a medical practitioner? So does this mean that you need to be fit first to start trading? yes of course but this is not in terms of physical health but in terms of how much you know about the market. Yes, information is wealth. And in trading information is everything for it is just this that would help you in getting through the various trading situations easily. We would have heard many telling and advising us to take up enough lessons and learning about this market before making an entry here. This is important certainly but even more important would be the general knowledge about this market.

Market information

There is absolutely no stopping for a trader once he is inside this field for there are going to back-to-back trades and the traders would be kept busy all the time for every trade would come with an alluring opportunity and would attract the trader to make a deposit into it. Now in such situations, a trader cannot be blind and make investments in all the trades possible for some of them might not match his plans and ideas for that day and might end up in a loss situation. In such situations, if a trader is well-versed and knows things about the market, he would be able to make some wise decisions and this would definitely add up to his chances of making a profit aboard.

Apart from this, a general read -through of the market via journals and blogs would also help the trader in making his decisions regarding a particular platform like the CRrypto CFD trader a simple and easy one for they would give maximum possible information and facts about each and every trading system working and operating here and this way the trader would also benefit with the important and required information. But Is Crypto CFD Trader a scam? Do not worry, it is not.

Trade book knowledge

Now the ones that we get to read in the books and journals are information straight from the market and this also includes personal experiences of few traders who write either their success stories or caution the other traders with their disappointing endings. It is important to give attention to both of these for each one is a learning and there would be some sort of important piece of information for each trader though they are not specified or mentioned openly. So try to follow your ideas following your conscience and also the written works.

The analysis used in Forex trading

There has been a great revolution in the investment field and it has has been witnessing many new updates every day. In the meanwhile, there has been the introduction of a number of trading robots which are the ultimate success in the trading markets.some of the famous ones are Bitcoin challenge, Litecoin, crypto VIP Club, Crypto CFD Trader etc.These are very efficient and effective trading modes that are online focused and have a wide reach to audience.

But it is also important for every investor to know the basics of forex trading and what it can be in the future of trading. There are the basic analysis types of the forex trading models which are very crucial for investors to know. This forex analysis can be in terms of fundamental analysis, the chart patterns, trend analysis or through economic indicators or news based changes.

The analysis of the forex trade is essential so that a forecast can be made and accordingly stocks can be traded and profits made. The analysis is of two basic types :

  • Fundamental Analysis:

This is the most basic type of analysis based on the factors like the economic indicators, interest rates, employment rates, gross domestic product. All these will create a basic understanding of the investor.

One example is the investor who is keen to understand the currency fluctuation values and the exchange rate terms, at this time the fundamental analysis will be helping him to find out the factors what makes the stocks move. Thereby this method analyses the basic factors with respect to the economic conditions in an economy.

  • Technical analysis:

This is a method which uses either manual or automatic techniques to analyze the past movements of the an automated type, the trader will analyze the indicators and finalize which stocks to invest in. In the automated method, the trader will teach the software to interpret based on certain factors and then trade with those interpretations.This will help the software to make proper judgments and gain profits from the trade.

But from a general point of view, no method can be judged to be best if the investor is not clear and well -known about the different basic concepts of trading. Knowing and learning about the basic lessons of forex trading must be the first step by any trader to see a successful trading journey.


Crypto VIP club – Guides you through online trading

Crypto VIP club is a blessing for all the average people who have been dreaming to trade in cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies trading has been creating waves in the market with its success stories. All the users have been able to reap good result by trading in cryptocurrency market.   Everyone has been giving positive feedback about its authenticity and the security it offers.  It is trustworthy software which helps you to earn money by doing online trading in cryptocurrency market.  Listed below are the points which make this one the most popular software.

Points which supports the software

  • Reliable brokers- It partners you with only the trusted and legit brokers. You need not have to worry about the authenticity of the brokers and whether they are trustworthy as the system only deals with established brokers. You could understand clearly how the Crypto VIP Club works here.
  • Protection of your funds and personal details- All your personal details and the financial details will be in safe hands. There is no chance of leakage of the details and you can be assured of its safety.
  • Share views and opinions- It not only lets you trade cryptocurrencies online but also helps you to share views and opinions with other users who are the members of the system. This is a great platform to learn and widen your horizon of knowledge about the cryptocurrencies market trends.
  • Easy to use- This is one of the most user-friendly software and anyone with basic knowledge of the operating system can work on this platform.
  • Web-based- This system is completely web-based and you could trade on it from any part of the world. All you need is a strong net connection which allows you to login to the system and then all you need to do is to trade.
  • Spare time for you- Since this one takes care of the trading activities you will be having a lot of spare time with you. You could utilize the time to learn more about the market, read through the past trends, analyze reports and so on. It will help you in the long run to earn higher profits and you could take calculated risks.

There is no need to look anywhere else, log into the system, register yourself in the system and deposit the initial amount. You could start trading immediately.



Why you need to opt for Crypto VIP club

Crypto VIP club system is the answer to all the prayers of the people who wish to trade in cryptocurrencies but do not have the knowledge and time of it.  This software was created by a British national named Andrew King. His urge and desire to assist the people to trade in cryptocurrencies have initiated the process to design this software. He started to work on the robots algorithm with an aim to serve people. He and his team meticulously designed the software which is free from any faults.

In the beginning, he was facing few problems. He hired the top team of experts from the field of crypto market.  This expert team helped him to create the robot. It took many trials and test to make this robot the most efficient.

The robot focuses on the value of cryptocurrencies. Whenever the price goes up, the robot automatically gets engaged to start the trading operations.  Whenever the price goes down, it will look for alternatives currencies to trade in. You could read the full report here.

Advantages of crypto VIP club

Crypto VIP club system’s biggest advantage is that it not only trades in the crypto market but also can operate in the Foreign exchange market.  It features hundreds of different assets. It also includes cryptocurrency exchange pairs.  Other advantages are listed below.

Multiple trading- Crypto VIP club robots can perform multiple trades at one time.  It will help in generating more money and at the same time minimizes risks.

Live feed and updates- You could go through the live feed and the updates of the market if you wish to trade in manually.  You will be able to get a feel for the tendencies of the asset price. You could always check out the charts and ensure that the robot’s autopilot mode is doing the correct operations.

Comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies- The users are presented with an extensive list from which they could choose cryptocurrencies. The user could decide on which particular currency he wants to trade with.  Or else he could also trade in forex market.

Learn from other traders- Crypto VIP club allows its members to share their views and opinions with one another. The trader will be able to increase his knowledge through such discussions and also will be able to get a different viewpoint on matters.  Equipped with such knowledge he will be able to take correct decisions.



What should you know about backtesting?

So are you all set to enjoy your staycation on the island now that you have invested in an automated trading software that will monitor the markets and invest on your behalf. This trading software has really made life easy right? But hold on…

Are you sure your strategy will work? Agreed that you are confident that your strategy might sail through like it did in the demo but don’t you want to know how it will fare over a longer period of time? Don’t you want to know how your strategy will survive in the real world? Are you ready to put real money to work?

It is crucial that every trader visualize what will happen in the future with a certain strategy and what might happen before actually investing hard earned money in trading. The advantage of these automated systems is that you can do forward testing and backtesting.

Backtesting basically gives you insight into how a particular system might have worked based on historical prices; it will throw light on several trades in the past and help an investor calculate how much was made on a monthly basis, and the percentage of profit and loss.

When calculated over several years it gives in-depth knowledge of the performance of the model and what its drawbacks and areas of concern are. It also provides information on how the system performed during volatile conditions.

Backtesting hones your skills as a trader. Anybody who thinks that by just setting up a system and carrying out back testing once is free is fooling themselves because if you wish to be on top of your game you must keep practicing. Backtesting is that playground where you can sharpen your skills even with the markets closed.

This practice will build greater confidence in you as a trader and you will be able to read the market better. And even when you do meet occasional loss you will understand which areas need more focus and how to tweak your system.

The good is always balanced by the bad, in this case, there is another side to backtesting that you must be aware of before moving ahead. A common mistake many newcomers make is that they backtest a system over a short span of time that has been over optimized, the result is that what will look good on paper will fall flat when pursued in the real world. Therefore, always backtest over a long period of time for more accurate results.

Since trading is so uncertain you must be prepared for all eventualities and backtesting will help you get there.