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Crypto VIP club – Guides you through online trading

Crypto VIP club is a blessing for all the average people who have been dreaming to trade in cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies trading has been creating waves in the market with its success stories. All the users have been able to reap good result by trading in cryptocurrency market.   Everyone has been giving positive feedback about its authenticity and the security it offers.  It is trustworthy software which helps you to earn money by doing online trading in cryptocurrency market.  Listed below are the points which make this one the most popular software.

Points which supports the software

  • Reliable brokers- It partners you with only the trusted and legit brokers. You need not have to worry about the authenticity of the brokers and whether they are trustworthy as the system only deals with established brokers. You could understand clearly how the Crypto VIP Club works here.
  • Protection of your funds and personal details- All your personal details and the financial details will be in safe hands. There is no chance of leakage of the details and you can be assured of its safety.
  • Share views and opinions- It not only lets you trade cryptocurrencies online but also helps you to share views and opinions with other users who are the members of the system. This is a great platform to learn and widen your horizon of knowledge about the cryptocurrencies market trends.
  • Easy to use- This is one of the most user-friendly software and anyone with basic knowledge of the operating system can work on this platform.
  • Web-based- This system is completely web-based and you could trade on it from any part of the world. All you need is a strong net connection which allows you to login to the system and then all you need to do is to trade.
  • Spare time for you- Since this one takes care of the trading activities you will be having a lot of spare time with you. You could utilize the time to learn more about the market, read through the past trends, analyze reports and so on. It will help you in the long run to earn higher profits and you could take calculated risks.

There is no need to look anywhere else, log into the system, register yourself in the system and deposit the initial amount. You could start trading immediately.



Why you need to opt for Crypto VIP club

Crypto VIP club system is the answer to all the prayers of the people who wish to trade in cryptocurrencies but do not have the knowledge and time of it.  This software was created by a British national named Andrew King. His urge and desire to assist the people to trade in cryptocurrencies have initiated the process to design this software. He started to work on the robots algorithm with an aim to serve people. He and his team meticulously designed the software which is free from any faults.

In the beginning, he was facing few problems. He hired the top team of experts from the field of crypto market.  This expert team helped him to create the robot. It took many trials and test to make this robot the most efficient.

The robot focuses on the value of cryptocurrencies. Whenever the price goes up, the robot automatically gets engaged to start the trading operations.  Whenever the price goes down, it will look for alternatives currencies to trade in. You could read the full report here.

Advantages of crypto VIP club

Crypto VIP club system’s biggest advantage is that it not only trades in the crypto market but also can operate in the Foreign exchange market.  It features hundreds of different assets. It also includes cryptocurrency exchange pairs.  Other advantages are listed below.

Multiple trading- Crypto VIP club robots can perform multiple trades at one time.  It will help in generating more money and at the same time minimizes risks.

Live feed and updates- You could go through the live feed and the updates of the market if you wish to trade in manually.  You will be able to get a feel for the tendencies of the asset price. You could always check out the charts and ensure that the robot’s autopilot mode is doing the correct operations.

Comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies- The users are presented with an extensive list from which they could choose cryptocurrencies. The user could decide on which particular currency he wants to trade with.  Or else he could also trade in forex market.

Learn from other traders- Crypto VIP club allows its members to share their views and opinions with one another. The trader will be able to increase his knowledge through such discussions and also will be able to get a different viewpoint on matters.  Equipped with such knowledge he will be able to take correct decisions.



What should you know about backtesting?

So are you all set to enjoy your staycation on the island now that you have invested in an automated trading software that will monitor the markets and invest on your behalf. This trading software has really made life easy right? But hold on…

Are you sure your strategy will work? Agreed that you are confident that your strategy might sail through like it did in the demo but don’t you want to know how it will fare over a longer period of time? Don’t you want to know how your strategy will survive in the real world? Are you ready to put real money to work?

It is crucial that every trader visualize what will happen in the future with a certain strategy and what might happen before actually investing hard earned money in trading. The advantage of these automated systems is that you can do forward testing and backtesting.

Backtesting basically gives you insight into how a particular system might have worked based on historical prices; it will throw light on several trades in the past and help an investor calculate how much was made on a monthly basis, and the percentage of profit and loss.

When calculated over several years it gives in-depth knowledge of the performance of the model and what its drawbacks and areas of concern are. It also provides information on how the system performed during volatile conditions.

Backtesting hones your skills as a trader. Anybody who thinks that by just setting up a system and carrying out back testing once is free is fooling themselves because if you wish to be on top of your game you must keep practicing. Backtesting is that playground where you can sharpen your skills even with the markets closed.

This practice will build greater confidence in you as a trader and you will be able to read the market better. And even when you do meet occasional loss you will understand which areas need more focus and how to tweak your system.

The good is always balanced by the bad, in this case, there is another side to backtesting that you must be aware of before moving ahead. A common mistake many newcomers make is that they backtest a system over a short span of time that has been over optimized, the result is that what will look good on paper will fall flat when pursued in the real world. Therefore, always backtest over a long period of time for more accurate results.

Since trading is so uncertain you must be prepared for all eventualities and backtesting will help you get there.

Meet The New Entrant In The World Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is gaining popularity due to its safe and secure means of transaction. Today several cryptocurrencies are available for use. However, this article will focus on the latest crypto trading robot that is widely used. Here are the interesting facts for your perusal:

  • The software operates based on a powerful cutting-edge algorithm based on insider strategies that have been approved for carrying out profitable investment opportunities and trades.
  • The crypto trading robot allows users to trade using any cryptocurrency including the most popular ones such as the Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and many more. However, the main mode of exchange is using the ether.
  • Like all other trading robots, this crypto trading robot is also free for use. All a user is required to do is deposit a safety amount of $250. This amount is allocated under the trader’s initial investment capital, with which users can place trades. This amount will also be uniformly distributed across the different assets that are currently available.
  • The trading robot has been approved and covered by several reputed organizations including the Time, Forbes, Financial Times (FT), CNN, and many more. This adds to its credibility and authenticity.
  • All brokers working on the crypto trading robot are highly reputed and regulated.
  • Trading on the crypto robot is a more feasible, simple and economical option than compared to the hardware that is used in traditional crypto mining services. On the other hand, crypto mining is a slow process and is very expensive.
  • Most importantly, the software is highly authentic and credible for usage and all data provided are reliable.
  • The trading robot offers round the clock customer support for all its users regarding the usage of the software and its trading.

Some of the advantages that the crypto trading robot offers include:

  • Ease of adjustments while trading
  • Simple to make smart contracts
  • Free to use and participate in crypto trading
  • Offers numerous VIP offers and profits
  • The safe and secure way of trading
  • Offers several different payment gateways including debit cards, credit cards, online bank transfers, e-wallets, and a few more

Hence, wait no more and check out what this crypto trading robot has in store for you. Click on Crypto VIP Club to read the complete honest review about this software. It is one of the most promising and interesting trading application.


Crypto VIP Club – An Overview

There are frequent new entrants into the trading market both trades and trading software. And hence it is a crowded market with both genuine and swindled trading applications. It is the trader who is at great risk here and the continued journey in the trading field happens only when the trader`s first trading experience happens the right way and this is possible only when he chooses to trade with the right trading platform. But unfortunately this does not happen to all the traders and hence the population that we have now in the trading market is just 3/4th of the entire trader population. And it is mainly the beginners who get cheated in this market because they generally come without a previous experience or knowledge and hence it becomes easy for the fraudulent trading applications to pull them into their traps.

But alas, they cannot have their magic hand always on the traders.  The presence of some very reliable and genuine trading applications have outnumbered their existence and are now making a buzz in the market by making their presence clear and unique and also by specifying the right modes of identifying the good ones. In these lines, we have the Crypto VIP club, which is a very popular trading application in the cryptocurrency market. By becoming a part of this platform, they have a chance of getting a 95% payout which is a good number in the market.


  • The deposit amount is just $250 which makes it easy for all the traders to have their registration here without a trouble. Again the registration requires just a few details about the trader like his name and address and with this along with the deposit amount would get him into the trading field online.
  • There are a lot of assets presented to the traders to make his selection and in doing this he would get the assistance of the brokers who get assigned to him the moment he gets a registration here. They are registered brokers who have a legal license to act as agents for the traders in assisting him in the trading process.

This crypto VIP club review does not end here; traders are expected and requested that they go through the entire review about this platform by visiting the official website that would make the trading, even more, easier and comfortable. So get started now and experience real trading.

HBSwiss- the ultimate solution to trading online

With the introduction of an all-new automated world, it has become very easy to trade online with a digital currency called the cryptocurrency. This has paved in the way to booming growth of online trades which have been successful in the very short span of time.

The most interesting fact could be the basic understanding of how these robots work. Each person who takes a choice to begin trading online must always do a certain limit of groundwork to support it. This will help to answer some questions about these online trading systems about these like, “ is it a scam?” which could be the biggest worry for many of our friends who want to trade.

The detailed study about these will lead us to make a wise choice about the robot and the features it has. One such high-quality scam free robot is the HBSwiss robot. It has been rendering to customer services in the perfect manner. It is the result of many months of beta testing and plotting ways to trade easy.

Some of the significant features which make us choose this software are:

  1. It is easy to download and start for anyone, even a fresher to using online systems.
  2. It has a free sign up for quick registration which takes very less time.
  3. Beginning to trade with a minimal amount as the capital, which can be withdrawn once the trader feels to do so.
  4. Runs on autopilot mode, which means that robot is self-sufficient to make moves and place trades on behalf of the user.
  5. Has an option of auto reversal when there is a loss the trade can be reversed to help the trader from a loss.
  6. Quick and easy to understand and operate in every sense.

Being into online trading can be one of the most favorite past time of many and hence the introduction of such robots are really helpful in this industry. Their supportive and innovative features have allowed more people to use them with ease. Softwares like HBswiss have achieved fame in many countries and are having a number of successful users around the globe.

Comparing with other robots one can come to a conclusion about the pros and cons of each of these. A definite study needs to be carried out to avoid fraudulent activities in this understanding all the details of this, the unwanted risks can be eliminated easily. Hence the software HBSwiss is one which can be assured of easy use and successful trading.

Understand the level Of Resistance In Technical Analysis

Resistance is the level from where the price of the security is expected to start its bearish move. Resistance is thus the level where the buyers get exhausted and the sellers are in demand.


At the resistance level, the price is thought to be very strong and the price is expected to start to fall from there. The logic behind this is that when the price reaches the level of resistance the sellers are very inclined to sell but the buyers are not very interested to buy. Here the supply will overcome the demand and this will prevent the price from going up any further. Hence the price will start to go down and become bearish.


Break of the resistance level

The level of resistance may not always hold and there are chances that the level could break. This means that the bulls have won over the bears and the price would continue with its upward move.When the price breaks the resistance level this means that the willingness to buy the asset is still there in the market. The buyers still have lots of expectations and thus they are willing to buy the security even at higher prices.


Sellers are not very keen on selling at this price and they are waiting for a higher level of resistance.


Where is the level of resistance established?

The level of resistance is above the current price; however, the asset could be trading at the resistance level itself.The price could also be volatile and may rise about the level of resistance for a small time. To cater for this false breakout of resistance traders keep a zone and not just a single resistance price.


The price could be volatile and this could cause the level of resistance to be broken for a short time. The stop loss in a trade is placed above the level of resistance if you are planning to short the market. Thus care should be taken that you keep the stop loss at least a few points above the resistance level. This way you give enough room for the price to move before it starts the bearish move.

Resistance becomes support

When the resistance level gets broken and if it is nota false breakout, then the resistance level acts as a support now. So the next time the price tests this level again you can look to be a buyer in the security at the previous resistance level.

Continue reading to understand how this happens.

The Blockchain technology and the role of miners

Cryptocurrencies use Blockchain technology. Find out more here. So what does Blockchain actually mean? This is the heart of cryptocurrencies. It is the historical record that is decentralized and is the change in the hand of the ownership of the asset. This could be spending the currency or doing a smart contract on one of the newer cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

As soon as the transaction ina cryptocurrency happens its details get broadcasted in the entire network by the party that spends. This lets everyone have a real-time record of the ownership of the cryptocurrency.

The recent changes then get bundled into a block and this gets added to the historical record. The Blockchain is thus a list of the previous blocks that are linked and this has the complete and the full record of who owns how much and what in the network.

What is the role of the miners?

The miners are here to build the Blockchain. It depends on one cryptocurrency to the other on how precisely they build this Blockchain. When it comes to Bitcoin in every 10 minutes approximately one miner is selected at random and he does the work of taking care of all the transactions heard of. He declares them confirmed and bundles it into a block of transactions and then gets added to the chain. In return for the work that they do, the miners are allowed to print new Bitcoin and can pay themselves an award in Bitcoin which is currently huge worth.

It is possible for anyone to become a miner. All that you need to do is to run the Bitcoin software in the mining mode. However, the trick here is to be a profitable one. The process of bundling all the transactions is not difficult but the real cost is in the way the winners get selected.

It is something like a raffle where you buy a ticket which means using your computer here to solve the very complex problem, even though useless one. To win the reward, you would have to solve the problem maybe a thousand times or a million times to increase your chances of winning. This thus means building many specialized computers and trying to negotiate on cheaper electricity or maybe just hacking others hardware.

How are people getting rich?

The value of Bitcoin has risen by buying low and selling high. The value of a Bitcoin has risen from almost nothing to around $20000 and more now and this has made people rich at least on paper.

There is a lot of discrepancy in how much each cryptocurrency has risen. The cryptocurrency is a scarce asset and there is only a finite amount of it that exists in the world. And this is the reason why there is this rise in price because of increase in demand with the hope that cryptocurrencies would one day be the currency used throughout the world.

Should you or shouldn’t you invest in cryptocurrencies

Urban living has become expensive and a few extra bucks are always welcome. One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money is to invest in the stock market. But without adequate knowledge, the chances are you will burn your fingers instead of raking in cash.  There are several automated trading systems like the QProfit system, which according to this post seems like a promising source of making money on stocks.Then there is bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which are immensely attractive and promise to make a millionaire of anyone who dabbles in them.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency or a digital currency used to fund any transactions based on the blockchain algorithms. All transactions are encrypted. The most famous and popular of these currencies is the bitcoin. The lesser-known cryptos are Ethereum, lite coin, and lithium.

Should I invest in crypto?

Here is where all hell breaks loose. Anyone following the rise and fall of bitcoin will be wary. Cryptocurrency is a very young medium with a great potential to become the future of all means of exchange but it is highly volatile as seen from bitcoin example. Bitcoin rose to close to $20,000 before falling to around $10,000 and once again it is seen to rise. So this brings us to the question do you have the courage to invest in a medium where you don’t know which side the pendulum can swing. You have the chance of making an immense profit or losing everything.

Confusion persists

While the fate of bitcoin remains dangling, the other cryptocurrency Ethereum is making waves on its own. VitalikButerin the 24-year-old founder of Ethereum has warned the public that cryptocurrencies can become zero anytime. This announcement has sent a shiver down the spines of all the cryptocurrency investors who tried to capitalize on the bitcoin spike.

The founder of the second most popular cryptocurrency stated that people should only invest what they can afford to lose. He went on to further state that the best bet for investments still remains the traditional assets because cryptocurrencies are “hyper-volatile.”

Parting thoughts

The lack of confidence on the part of governments, the highly volatile nature of the currency and the current high price do not portend well for the cryptocurrencies. But there is no denying that the world is heading towards digital currency and if governments pitch in and make the crypto legal then investing in them is a sane idea. Till such time it is advisable to proceed with caution and invest what you can afford to lose as stated by Vitalik.

Top 3 Forex Trading Facts

Apart from being the world’s largest financial market with an average daily turnover of more than $4 trillion, the forex trading practice has got a lot many facts to its credits, which any trader like you beginning your trading experience should understand to gain the desirous benefits. Although covering all of them is beyond the scope of the article, we would love to educate you regarding the top 3 important facts that can help you encounter the trading practice level-headedly!

  • All forex trading platforms aren’t the same

If any of your friends say that a particular trading platform is the best for his/her trading practices then, that does not mean it is the best for you as well. It is because, not all the trading platforms are made the same, which you ought to understand to choose the best one for you after understanding your situation, trading expectations and the benefits offered by the respective trading platform.

For example, since you are a rookie, choosing a typical online trading platform can distress your inexperienced situation, as only the means to place the trades are sophisticated and the decision to choose the specific trading actions still lies with the unsophisticated ‘you’. That is why instead of following the herd blindly, doing your own research to find the more sophisticated ways of trading practice like the algorithmic trading practice could highly benefit your situation. To learn more, check this source!


  • Overtrading not equal to profitability

If someone says their profitability in the forex trading practice is only due to their unrestricted participation, simply stop listening to their trading advice henceforth because there is not an iota of truth in it. There are traders who have attained maximum benefits by only investing minimum time in the trading practice that has happened due to lot many factors like choosing a suitable trading platform, ability to control their emotions, understanding the trading practice, being content with the profitability achieved and much more. Hence, overtrading is not the solution to reach the desirous position in the trading practice, which you ought to avoid for a trouble-free trading experience!


  • Banks play a major role in controlling this trading practice

Have you ever checked the top players of this trading practice? If not, do now and be amazed to know that the various prominent banks of the world are the top players, who greatly control the trading practice. Yes, apart from acting as the forex brokers for their specific clients, in where they buy/sell the respective foreign currencies, the banks invest their customer’s deposits to create their own investments and earn huge profits out of it. So, if you go with these major players’ decision then, you are less likely to suffer huge losses in your trading practice, which you can note as a simple forex trading tip!