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Stages Of Business Life

Stages Of Business Life

The word business may sound very easy, but it is very difficult to make it possible. We have to work hard and give out our best to start up and run a business successfully. It needs much manual effort to grab a position in the business market among the other businessmen. There are some different stages in a business life. Let us take a closer look and continue reading about those stages and it will be very helpful once when we want to run a business.

A business cycle is categorized into five stages.

  1. Launch
  2. Growth
  3. Shake out
  4. Maturity
  5. Decline


The launch is nothing but the opening of some unique business products and services. Our business development purely depends on the launch. Because the offers we give the customers at the launch will definitely attract them and so they will come forward to have business with us. Generally, the businesses will need a lot of marketing, advertising, and promotions on their products and services. So, when we do it perfectly, we can easily fascinate the people and increase our sales and productivity.


The company will see a rapid growth once we get many customers. Because when the number of customers increases, the sales and productivity will get increased automatically. Obviously, the growth of the business or company will inflate and will make a place for us in the business market. We should work hard to increase the growth of our business, else we will even come to the situation to shut down in a very short span of time. So, work hard give out our best and make our business to grow.

Shake out:

Shake out is nothing but the changes of growth due to the increase in the number of competitors. In every business, there will be many competitors and we have to compete with them in a healthy manner to showcase our talent and skills. When the competition gets increased, we will start giving out more work. We cannot say we will always yield profits and there are many chances of getting lost too. But we should not get tired of seeing the loss and we should take every failure as a stepping stone for our success and continue giving the excellent work.


Maturity is the phase where many companies and business will start facing a fall in sales and productivity. We have to be strong and overcome this stage to withstand in the business market as both profit and loss are the parts of the business life.


In this phase, most of the businesses will start accepting their failures and even some businesses will plan to quit it.


Financial Markets – Means to Foster Economic Development

Financial Markets – Means to Foster Economic Development

Financial markets are efficient means to direct savings and investments in the economy. It helps in to facilitate the accumulation of capital that is required for the production of goods and services. The availability of well-developed financial institutions and markets which present diverse financial products will help address the financial needs of both lenders and borrowers alike. Together the financial markets and institutions contribute to the growth and development of the economy.

Large financial markets provide a ready market for these securities thereby providing more liquidity and marketability. Most developed countries have advanced financial markets that deal in sophisticated instruments. A well-developed financial market in a nation suggests that it is a prosperous nation. The existence of a robust financial market also facilitates international flow of funds between nations.

With the availability of efficient financial system borrowers and lenders need spend less cost and time to get their financial needs met. Individuals, entrepreneurs, and governmental organizations can easily find sources to raise and invest their capital. The ready market for the financial products helps the participants compare the cost involved or the return on the investments among the different institutions. This allows them to choose the best-suited option.

In developing countries, the financial markets are not so advanced and hence they have access to limited financial products. As a result is it is difficult to raise the capital required for the economic activities. The cost of raising capital is more and the return on the investment is comparatively low. With lesser options for investment and capital raising, the growth of the economy is at a slower pace. However some of the developing or emerging markets are presenting a profitable outlook by adopting the sophisticated financial system and liberal foreign investment policies. Most international players are concentrating on the emerging economies as they present profitable opportunities.

With financial markets providing better means of managing the risk in investing more people and institutions come forward to explore new options for investments.  This further provides more mobility to capital required for the production of goods and services. New investment options will also alternately provide more returns to the investors which will lead to more purchasing power in the hands of consumers. This will again mean that they will either re-invest or use it for consuming other goods. Thus it will foster further development in the economic activity.

Investing in cryptocurrency is the new trend in the financial markets that provide the investors with trading opportunities in the virtual currency markets. Bitcoin Trader is one such online trading website that enables traders earns a profit without having to deal with the technicalities of trading complex instruments.

Renovation of Ethereum

Renovation of Ethereum

The Tech giants and many big banks are uniting together to upgrade the software programme that runs the Ethereum network. The group is set to debut soon in an international summit and is known by the name Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. In the summit, they will be demonstrating the current guide to the financial technology. The participating members are planning to show how they will be using Ethereum as a layer of settlement for the foreign exchange market.

Being distributed ledger Ethereum also uses blockchain as bitcoin for executing transactions and they don’t need any middleman help in that. The cryptographic balance sheet is spread across the network and gets updated as and when any transaction takes place.

The inventor of bitcoin invented the concept of blockchain nearly a decade ago and introduced to the world this whole new technique of transaction system. The Ethereum network then adopted the blockchain and started to explore many new sides of the blockchain. The member of the alliance especially the banks are interested in the count score. The tech companies of the alliance are trying to implement their own take on the blockchain technology.

The traditional financial firms are much interested in growing their “private” blockchain which means if any third party wants to join the network they have to seek permission from them on contrary to the original version of the blockchain. In the original version, anyone who wished to join the network could have joined without seeking permission from anyone as it was a public network.

The members of alliance group say that presently they are looking forward to building the private network but have the future plans to rope in the public Ethereum blockchain network and that will be open to all. A very strong public and private chain network are going to be built. The chain in the network will strengthen the other exponentially. The hopes are also there that Ethernet public-private network will be somewhat similar to intranet v/s internet. The protocols will be similar to both the networks but the configuration will differ.

The partners of the alliance group have the vision on the development of different use cases like supply chain management, payment between the banks, settlement after trade etc. above all the scalability and the security remains the top priority of the group. The technological companies will remain focused on developing the blockchain basis. To know more click Bitcoin Trader


Ideas to Cost Cutting and Personal savings

Ideas to Cost Cutting and Personal savings

How was the previous year different compared to this year, in terms of finance? How can you rate yourself of being financially independent and stable? Are you still the same, like last year, not saving much or not at all?

Well, most of us have the habit of procrastinating things, especially with respect to finance. We have done many times and keep doing it! we find excuses to save, many bills crop up, some occasions do come and we miss on saving!! Well, is it the right way to do it? what if next month your salary is low and you have a whole lot of commitments? What if you needed to buy something urgent and you are running out of money?

Well, savings come in handy in those times, but for that, you need to save first! Stop postponing the act of savings and take charge today, right away post reading this article. You can increase your income in many ways, or find a way to save so that money makes growth. You can invest your money in stock markets or even the forex market to gain the returns in the long term. You can even consider about investing in crypto markets.

The crypto market has trading platforms (like brokers in stock and forex markets) to help you trade without much of losing. They have automated pilots, that has robots zeroing on signals in making profits. You can rely on few of them, read the best one’s full review here and then invest your money, to reap returns in short-term like 3-5 years. You can even see profits from as soon as 3-6months and exit anytime in case you need for an emergency.

So over to tips and tricks:

Have a goal:

Yes, this might sound like too much for a personal saving, but believe us, you need to do it to stay on track. Have a realistic goal, like saving XX number by XX year, and you are sure to see a sea of change in your perspective and goal hitting.


Have a budget, try it for a month and see the change. Never spend unless necessary.

Bargain or negotiate prices:

Be it bigger deals or small ones, always when you are on a saving spree, look out for opportunities to negotiate prices. Not just offline stores, even online places have deals and offers and can give you lucrative opportunities than you imagined.

Reduce your monthly bills:

Analyse what really needs to be there on your bill, and what can be slashed out. There you go saving a small 50$ per month, without much hard work.


Investment Tips For Housewives

Investment Tips For Housewives

When it comes to managing finances, we often see men leading this domain as compared to women. But times are changing and many women whether they are working or are housewives, are seen taking a keen interest in managing the home finances. If you are working you get the needed supported from your employer or your husband to invest your money. But housewives are not seen that much worried about putting aside some money to secure their future needs. Here are a few tips that housewives can use for investment.

1) Fixed Deposit: Working women usually have their own bank accounts, but housewives should also open their bank accounts and put their savings in it. Instead of keeping their money at home they can put it in various fixed deposits schemes and earn interest on it. They can get an ATM card and chequebook in case they want to withdraw the money from their account.

2) Gold: Gold is known as the women’s best friend, they love wearing this precious metal in various forms. Housewives can buy gold from their savings as an investment. Gold is a popular asset and you can buy or sell it very easily. Gold can be stored with very fewer efforts making it a good investment option for housewives.

3) Trading: Trading is also one of the best options for housewives. If you are keen in trading you can easily learn the techniques and do trading sitting in the comfort of your home. There is new trading software in the market the Bitcoin Trader that can help you earn good profits with very fewer efforts. Check this link to read the full review.

4) Mutual Funds: If you do not want to trade yourself, you can choose simpler options like Mutual Funds where the fund manager can do the job for you. It is becoming one of the most popular ways to grow your hard earned money. Putting even smaller amounts like 1000 or 2000 per month in a good mutual fund can give you good returns.

5) Each penny counts: Many people tend to think that housewives won’t be able to save much. But if housewives are more involved in the day to day finances they can make a difference. Keeping a record of all the incomes and expenses can give them a clear idea of where they can save. Having health and life insurance for every person in the house is also a type of investment that can come in handy in case of emergencies.

Handling Your  Credit Card Account

Handling Your  Credit Card Account

Most of us have this so-called blessing with us, the credit cards! We feel so blessed to have such a handy cash ready, in any situation as it allows you to spend first and then make the payment!

Well, before you could swipe that card again and fall into a pool of credits, just wake up and read this; credit cards are a boon in emergencies and other scenarios, but not every time. You will be paying additional extra charges in the name of fees and you will never save anything at the end when your spending power is double your income.

Most of the people around the globe are going bankrupt, mainly because of this attitude towards cards, poor financial management. It’s good that you have spending power, so why not make the good use of it. spend to save!! Invest in various commodities, markets, and even the forex, so to reap good returns on your money in the future. Savings will surely help you to acquire bigger things in life.

You can also try your hand at trading, rather than spending, this will give you a larger return and happiness than your shopping experience. There are many automated trading systems these days, where you need not have any experience in trading and markets, yet gain profits. Read the full review of one of the best trading platform and see why should you not miss out!

Well, over to the credit card managing tips and tricks. So, if you have a credit card, there are all possibilities that you might even lose them! what happens if that occurs? Someone else will live your money!! Ultimately you need to pay for it! isn’t it really bad and threatening? So, here are few tips on taking care of your credit card too:

Keep your PIN safe:

Yes, this is the first and best security gate check. Never ever utter your PIN to anyone, except to your spouse. Never write down it elsewhere and place the same in your wallet. Change the PIN after you get your card with PIN and save it as something that you will remember easily and others will have a hard time guessing. Jumble mix and add numbers and symbols too, if needed.

Read the statement:

Make the habit of reading the credit statement every time you pay your bill. Most of us never do this, as we all have loads of trust! But, in cases, when someone’s bill has been pushed to your card statement say even 500$, will surely affect you! better glance before you pay!

Players Of Commodity Market

Players Of Commodity Market

The commodities market is the oldest market among other markets that exist today. Here various commodities like rice, gold, silver, wheat, oil, etc are bought and sold. In earlier days this is the place where the farmers used to bring their products and sold in exchange for other products. Since then, the market has evolved considerably.  Unlike the cryptocurrency market which came into existence only in recent times.  The cryptocurrency market does not need prior experience to make a profit in this market. One can easily earn money through the help of trading software like bitcoin trader. Continue reading to understand all about it.

Participants of commodity market

The key participants of the commodities market are classified into three major groups. They are speculators, arbitrageurs, and hedgers.

Speculators- In the commodities future market, the speculators are considered as the leading sophisticated players.  Basically, they are the risk takers. They never get associated with any type of commodity. The speculators bet against the movement of price hoping to make gains by it.  They undertake a certain speculative position in anticipation of movements of price in future with a small margin. Any time of the trading hours, they square-off. When they buy the futures contract with the hope of an increase in price, then it is called as ‘going long’.  And when they sell the futures contracts with the hope of a decrease in price, it called as ‘going short’.

Arbitrageurs- They are the investors who make money from price discrepancy between two different exchanges. Also, same commodity price discrepancies to are considered for making money. For instance, buying the gold form on exchange at a lower price and then selling it at a higher price on a different exchange simultaneously.  They make money from the difference in price. In order to do this, one should be following all the market trends and should have the ability to take quick decisions.

Hedgers- Hedging is considered as the investment strategy which is used to minimize the risk. The hedgers are the people who practice this strategy. Usually, the hedgers are the consumers or producers who wish to transfer the risk of price to the market. The derivative market of the commodities offers them an opportunity to effectively hedge against the movements of price.  With the help of derivatives, they protect the risk that is associated with the commodity price.  For instance, an airline organization will opt for a long position in order to cover the risk associated with fuel price.


Planning A Home Loan? Analyse These Points

Planning A Home Loan? Analyse These Points

Investing in a property is a huge step that we all take at least once in life and if that property happens to be a residential one, then complications and responsibilities arise. It is easy to go through a set of available properties shown by real estate professionals. But the difficult part is to understand which one would suit us the best and how we will go about arranging finances for the move. Haven’t we all been through this?

Whenever we plan to invest huge money in a venture like real estate, the main resort we conclude to in order to manage the financial requirements is taking a loan from financial institutions. It goes without saying that receiving funds from these companies is a huge help. However, there are several ‘if’ and ‘but’ attached to it too.

So, if you wish to know what all aspects you must analyze before approaching a bank for a home loan, here is a set of pointers for you to go through.

Things to consider before finalizing the home loan

  • Study all the available loan alternatives: It is important for you to conduct a thorough research on all the loan options available in the market. Find out which one will suit you the most in the long run and select it for best results.


  • Consider affordability: You must try to understand what type of loan you would be able to afford easily. You should avoid situations where you get into taking loans which might become a nightmare to pay off in time to come.


  • Cut on expenditures: The moment you are sure about taking a home loan, you will have to adopt certain lifestyles to make your EMIs more comfortable. One of these steps is cutting down on your monthly budgets. Spend wisely and try to save as much as you can for your pending EMIs.


  • Decide feasible EMIs: Make sure that the EMI amount you would shell out monthly is convenient enough for you, keeping in mind your monthly income. This will keep the whole cash flow system organized.


  • Do all the eligibility checks: It is highly essential for you to find out whether you are eligible to take the loan or not. Go through the government as well as the financial institution’s policies and ensure if you fit in the brackets of taking loans or not. If this point is ignored, you might end up bearing huge losses, both monetarily and personally.

Apart from these points, make sure you have enough backup finances available to cater your requirements later. One of the helpful ways of keeping the additional money for your use is by investing in reliable ventures like that offered by Bitcoin Trader. Continue reading about this team and learn how it has converted Bitcoins into the revenue generating machine for all its users.

Why are there no women on the trading floor?

Why are there no women on the trading floor?

It took all of 226 years since the inception of the New York Stock Exchange for a woman to come to the forefront and lead it. Stacey Cunningham has finally pierced through the stronghold of men at the helm of affairs and has become the President of the NYSE. Muriel Siebert was the first woman to be on the board of the NYSE; at her time there were 1365 men and just one woman. Even today there are only a handful of women in this field; the ratio between men and women is extremely uneven.

Can you stop the bro talk, please

It is a common belief, but a fallacy mind you, that women are not cut out for the aggressive nature of trading and most of them are unwilling to take the risks involved. The likes of Siebert and Cunningham have proven that wrong though.

As someone mentioned before, the trading floor is where a lot of bro talk happens and often men tend to ignore the factor give enough respect to the women by their side and indulge in a talk which is inappropriate for women. Those ladies who survive do it through sheer grit and growing a skin so thick that nothing affects them anymore( at least they wish).  Sadly, the resultant environment does take its toll and hold back women from moving ahead.

Another hard to accept the fact is that the inane and often sexually laced conversation that the men on the floor have is overlooked even by the top bosses and hence the women who have to face it are left high and dry; a good enough reason to not enter the field where they are not respected. It has been reported by umpteen women who work on the floor how they feel they never belong there and often the male banter left them feeling small and immensely embarrassed.

Those women who try to fit in come back feel disgusted with themselves for having tried. They are often overlooked even for promotions and it is demoralizing. It is a murky world out there and it needs a decent contingent of women to make the workplace more comfortable and welcoming.

I want to trade but…

In the meanwhile, if you wish to trade but don’t think you can ever find yourself facing up to the bro attitude of the trading floor, you can turn to automated trading systems like the bitcoin loophole and trade from home. You can continue reading about it to gain more information and take the first step towards trading.


Forex Trading

Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange is an essential part of moving worldwide which means it is important for the people who travel across the globe. It becomes necessary to exchange their own currency with that of the currency of the country to which they are traveling. In such scenarios, the currencies will be exchanged on the current exchange value that both the currencies has. It is considered to be the biggest trading platform throughout the world as our entire life revolves around currency or money exchange.

Foreign Exchange trading literally means exchanging (buying or selling currencies) between an individual or a country or a financial institution. Foreign Exchange market is a fickle one where the value of a currency depends totally on the changes in the local and international markets throughout the world. Changes in such values anywhere anytime in the world will definitely cause drastic changes in the FOREX market as well. Sometimes the changes will be slow and sometimes it might be drastic and sudden unexpected changes.

Foreign Exchange trading requires a particular amount of investment that the investors can invest. The profit and loss that occurs in the financial trading are inevitable and the investor should be capable of handling both sides.  The usual procedure for this FOREX trading is that the investor has to invest the money with the broker (Bitcoin Trader). This is the common way of trading and this usually does not occur in central exchanges.

FOREX Trading can be done only in pairs that is between two different currencies that take part in the economic status of the financial market. As the market is open 24 hours a day, the trader can choose any convenient time to trade on his or her own currency pairs. But again the market will be fluctuating throughout the working hours.

The profit and loss in the finance trading (Foreign Exchange trading or FOREX) depends upon the leverage that a trader fix for his account. No one can guess the market’s strategies and the way it is going to move. Initial days of FOREX trading would be crucial and it requires a lot of knowledge to understand the market to some extent at least. Novice traders lose a lot without enough ideas about the market strategies and they suffer losses. At the same time, this can be changed to profitable trades by setting proper leverage values and the bidding price values.