How different is Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

We have come across scientists in different fields of education, research, including aerodynamics; well there are data scientists who have exclusively dedicated their highly intellectual minds to perform deep analysis in the virtual data lakes that is like a talent pool of information that is both structured and unstructured largely. If we have the famous search engine to throw up any result we are looking  for, so are the data scientist who can get the research and analysis done and bring forth a result or solution/ sample/ data from the wide pool of information source that is broadly stored in the virtual cloud space.

Big data is most searched topic in the search engines and has gained momentum recently as we delve topic, the term is loosely used and understood as data warehouse. The difference in the way the data is store, the content and intent between the two source of information and database is different.

  • the structured model of information  in the data warehouse is organized, filtered and structured, that is basically organizations keep it within their Information Technology departments, to safeguard the high content of information that can be used for other analysis
  • a high amount of data is filtered and only what is required and what is not is clearly
  • separated and classified according to the organizational needs, keeping huge pile of data junk is the next worry for the globe, as anything we type electronically is stored temporarily in the network and permanently in the disk storage, the cloud space has unlimited space to store all the data required, and the huge pool of information source is the data lake
  • data is extracted, sorted , formatted and complied to suit individual requirement, in a data warehouse, the unstructured source of information that the data scientist eye on for their research is where the data lakes come handy, data lakes have all data types, to suit the requirements of any database, program
  • The hub of huge information supports all types of users, there is no specific type of program or user specific information required to access and use the sample data , data warehouses have predefined data that is applicable to user specific needs. The trading platform Bitcoin Trader has the best payout ratio that is promised by all the trading platforms, while this particular software is used to pick a trade and execute only after initial registration process.