Stages Of Business Life

Stages Of Business Life

The word business may sound very easy, but it is very difficult to make it possible. We have to work hard and give out our best to start up and run a business successfully. It needs much manual effort to grab a position in the business market among the other businessmen. There are some different stages in a business life. Let us take a closer look and continue reading about those stages and it will be very helpful once when we want to run a business.

A business cycle is categorized into five stages.

  1. Launch
  2. Growth
  3. Shake out
  4. Maturity
  5. Decline


The launch is nothing but the opening of some unique business products and services. Our business development purely depends on the launch. Because the offers we give the customers at the launch will definitely attract them and so they will come forward to have business with us. Generally, the businesses will need a lot of marketing, advertising, and promotions on their products and services. So, when we do it perfectly, we can easily fascinate the people and increase our sales and productivity.


The company will see a rapid growth once we get many customers. Because when the number of customers increases, the sales and productivity will get increased automatically. Obviously, the growth of the business or company will inflate and will make a place for us in the business market. We should work hard to increase the growth of our business, else we will even come to the situation to shut down in a very short span of time. So, work hard give out our best and make our business to grow.

Shake out:

Shake out is nothing but the changes of growth due to the increase in the number of competitors. In every business, there will be many competitors and we have to compete with them in a healthy manner to showcase our talent and skills. When the competition gets increased, we will start giving out more work. We cannot say we will always yield profits and there are many chances of getting lost too. But we should not get tired of seeing the loss and we should take every failure as a stepping stone for our success and continue giving the excellent work.


Maturity is the phase where many companies and business will start facing a fall in sales and productivity. We have to be strong and overcome this stage to withstand in the business market as both profit and loss are the parts of the business life.


In this phase, most of the businesses will start accepting their failures and even some businesses will plan to quit it.